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Newest Diagnostic Tests for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer isn’t the most common cancer, but it’s one of the most lethal. That’s because 70% of the time ovarian cancer has already spread before it is diagnosed. It is very difficult to either feel on exam or find by ultrasound because the earlier cancers are so small compared with the amount of area …


Ovarian Cancer: The Risks & Actions to Avoid It

Newsweek magazine asked, “What did comedienne Gilda Radner, singer Laura Nyro and actress Jessica Tandy have in common?” The answer was, “All three were great performers – and all three died of ovarian cancer.”  (Underwood A.  Newsweek. Spring/Summer 1999; p44.)  Although it accounts for only 3% of cancers in women and is much less common …


Do you have a BRCA gene mutation? P.S. The risk is not just breast and ovarian cancer!

Hi Folks, Today, I want to cover something that is very important to me. This week, BRCA gene mutation has been a hot topic in the news. As most of you know, Angelina Jolie made the difficult decision to get a preventative double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer. Jolie did a great …