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High Heels Health Tips

The women’s shoe industry is nearly $40 billion annually. Women love shopping for them. But the pleasure of that cute new pair may not be worth it. A recent article offered experts opinions on the down-side of high heels. High heels can cause pain and injury to your feet, legs and back. The high heels …


Exercise Your Hip Pain Away

Hip pain can be, well, a pain in the neck. But PBS fitness expert Suzanne Andrews has some simple tips to help you relieve your pains and get you on the way to a more pain free life. Many people think that with painful joints you have to avoid exercise. But getting immobile just makes …


Do You Have Osteoporosis? Ask Your Dentist.

Almost one in four people age 65 and older have lost all their teeth. Since teeth are bones, I’ve noticed that many of my menopause patients with osteoporosis also have bad teeth. Osteoporosis associated with menopause is the most common bone disorder due to problems with normal metabolism. Here is a new way to help …


Age of Menopause Can Affect Health

If you’ve already finished having your family, does the age of menopause matter? A new study suggestes it does. Women who go through menopause before age 47 increases a woman’s chances for increased loss of calcium in the bones, osteoporosis, bone fractures and even death. Click here for free ebook on menopause and how to …

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