Where do you carry your weight?

Where do you carry your weight?
Are you an “Apple” or a “Pear?” Where do you carry your weight? And where you carry your weight has a lot to do with how healthy you stay for the long run. This writing is a play on words and offers some insights to another place where carrying weight can make a difference. Read on.

For some women, their weight is almost all above the waist- in their chest and abdomen. You’ve seen them, the so-called apples. Chest and belly fat carry a slightly higher risk for developing heart disease and diabetes.

Others say they are pears – they carry their weight in their hips and thighs. Not as dangerous of a parking place for fat as the upper body. And of course, ideally, both apples or pears could lose their extra weight with some or more exercise along with thoughtful changes in diet and nutrition.

Recently, however, I spoke with a woman who carried her weight in a different location. It wasn’t on her belly or on her hips. In fact, she was thin, almost to the point of being too thin. Still she had a definite weight problem. In talking with her, it was clear she continuously carried her weight on her shoulders – all the weight of the world.

After some discussion it was also clear that she would benefit from weight loss just as much as the women who struggle with weight on their hips and chests. In fact, it’s hard to know whose weight is heavier and more potentially harmful. Once again, exercise and good nutrition would help – only in her case, some therapeutic support would also be helpful.

Where do you carry your weight? What can you do to lose it?

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