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If you’re like most women and many doctors, understanding estrogen and hormone therapy is confusing.
And even though we now know that estrogen is safe and beneficial for the vast majority of women, a lot of women are left afraid and avoiding estrogen because of all that has been written about it saying it may be harmful. So many women have told me that they feel they have to choose between getting relief from their symptoms or take a harmful substance, which is how many perceive estrogen.
Clearing up the misinformation so that women could be empowered and become a partner in their healthcare is an important part of why The Estrogen Fix book was written. And to clarify this important information in a quick podcast, Reena Jadhav invited me to be interviewed on a podcast that reviews The Estrogen Fix chapter by chapter.
Of course some women can’t take estrogen, and some won’t no matter what they hear about. So The Estrogen Fix also discusses alternatives to estrogen and why it’s important to treat your menopause symptoms, even if you can’t or don’t want estrogen.
Here’s the link to the podcast.  It’s in iTunes and you can listen on your phone or while you’re working out or going for a walk or commuting.

Don’t miss out on this easy opportunity to finally understand hormone therapy, why it’s so confusing, and how to make understanding it easy.  Find it here:

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