Michelle Obama Open About Hot Flashes

Michelle Obama Open About Hot Flashes

When Michelle Obama speaks powerfully at the Democratic National Convention about the future of America, no one is surprised at her clear and honest statements. But it will surprise some when Michelle Obama is aboard Marine One dressed for an event and experiences a hot flash that she shares with America on a recent episode of her Spotify podcast.

As I tell doctors at Grand Rounds and at speeches to women’s groups, not every woman will have a baby; not every woman will have infertility; not every woman will have cancer; not every woman will have a sensitive bladder. But every woman who lives long enough will go through menopause and experience at least some menopause symptoms. And there are still many women who don’t know what to do when they reach menopause and begin to feel like something has taken over their body. They experience feeling out of control, anxious, tired, and feel like a hot mess.

Because I help women like this all the time, I was delighted when Washington Post writer Allyson Chiu interviewed me about menopause for an article that you can read when you CLICK HERE. When Michelle Obama is taking about hot flashes and is looking for answers, you can easily understand that menopause happens to everyone. You don’t have to suffer silently. Please let me know what topics you’d like me to address in future blog posts. If you’d like to explore my helping you take back control of your menopause symptoms, fill in the short form by Clicking Here.


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