Who Needs Hormone Replacement Therapy? The Answer May Surprise You.

Who Needs Hormone Replacement Therapy? The Answer May Surprise You.

Who needs hormone therapy? As a menopause expert, that’s a question I get all the time. It’s why I wrote my best selling books The Estrogen Window and its updated paperback The Estrogen Fix.

So when USNew called to interview me for an article I was delighted. It’s information that every woman needs to know so that she can become a partner in her health care.

Since the late 1990s, estrogen has gone from the #1 prescribe menopause treatment and the #1 medicine of all prescriptions in the United States to a medication that millions of women stopped taking or are afraid to take. Why? it’s all due to a faulty study called the Women’s Health Initiative or WHI that incorrectly reported that estrogen caused an increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Doctor’s also got confused about the safety of estrogen and many still won’t prescribe it.

But the WHI study got it wrong. By analyzing the same women from the same WHI study and controlling for when women started taking hormone therapy (HT) we now know that estrogen is beneficial and can be taken safely by the majority of women…if it is started closer to the time of menopause in the Estrogen Window.

You can get a quick overview of the key points in this article from USNews. Click Here to read it. To understand it even better and to also find estrogen alternatives, get The Estrogen Fix. All this estrogen confusion will finally become clear. So who needs hormone therapy? There’s a good chance it might be you.

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