If There Were Such A Thing As A Unicorn – Imagination to Lower Stress


When one of my young adult daughters was 8 years old
she wrote this poem on the back of a sweatshirt…

and she drew the head of a unicorn on the front.

There is a lot of anxiety today from the news, the weather,
the world we live in.

But there is always the magic of imagination when we need                                                                   an escape to someplace happy and safe.

Where do you go for a safe haven so you can reboot?

Meditation is wonderful…

So is yoga and Tai Chi…

And a hug from someone you care about can do it too.

But the one place we all deferred to as kids was Imagination Land.

When I read the poem she had written on the back of her shirt, I sat down and wrote                this music to go with it. I’m narrating it with Ben Schwendener playing on piano.

I hope it takes you to a lovely place for a few minutes and brings a smile to your face.                    It did to mine.

If There Were Such A Thing As A Unicorn
Words by Sherry Seibel

If there were such a thing as a unicorn
The world would be as magical as the night sky

With many colors

Listen to narration by Dr. Mache over his original music

The unicorn would tell the town who the
selfish people were, and the caring ones

The unicorn would make people feel special
And enchant the world

But wait…

There is such a place
Where the grass is green all year round

Where the clouds are fluffy and white
Where there is no rain or snow

But the world is not dry

There is a waterfall
That comes from the rainbow

This place is called…Imagination Land

It is the most powerful place in the world

Yours in good health,

Dr. Mache
Mache Seibel, MD


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