You Don’t Have to be A Journalist to Journal

You Don’t Have to be A Journalist to Journal

Do you keep a journal? Many successful people do.


Journaling is an easy way to memorialize your thoughts; a place to see where you were in the past and where you are now.


It’s a great way to see if your symptoms have changed, to recall what medications or treatments you tried, to remember directions, advice, and why you are doing what you are doing now.


It’s also a great way to go back and see how far you’ve come. I’ve talked in the past about how discouraging it can be to look at the horizon; you can never reach it no matter how far you walk. But when you look back, you can see how far you’ve come.


That’s another of the benefits of journaling.


In just over a week, we’ll be incorporating journaling into an exciting new program called the Hormone Health Bootcamp to get you back in balance.


My co-Founder, Reena Jadhav will share the new Journal she’s created to keep you on track over the 14 days we spend together virtually. There will be daily emails to support you, weekly calls to inform and support you, and a Facebook group to connect you.


Be one of the first to join up and you can bring a friend at no cost.


Start creating new habits and journal entries to get you back in balance now.


Click Here for more information.


Yours in good health,


Dr. Mache

Mache Seibel, MD


Author of The Estrogen Fix

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