Dating Over 50 Potentially Risky Business


With the divorce rate over the past 20 years increasing over 50%, more and more women (and men) are finding themselves single and dating. Now a whopping one third of adults 46 – 64 are divorced, separated or never married in 2010 compared with 13% in 1970 according to the NY Times.

That ties in to a news release from the Division o f STD prevention in Massachusetts. When an STD (sexually transmitted disease) such as chlamydia is identified, the doctor is supposed to treat the patient and offer antibiotics to her sex partner, even without an exam of the partner.

But that only happened in 6% of the approximately 23,000 cases of chlamydia infection in 2012, and also, only 57% of chlamydia cases actually appear to have gotten this information from their doctors.

So dating is potentially risky business. Until you really know your beau, use a condom, even if you are in menopause and can’t get pregnant. And realize that dating is potentially risky business.

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