Musical Monday – “Happy Song”

Musical Monday – “Happy Song”

“I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing” – William James


Today there are a lot of things to feel unhappy about. You know what they are. There is certainly no shortage of problems. But in the midst of all this unhappiness, there are also things we can do to make ourselves feel better, and maybe, even happy. For me, writing songs and singing is a way to lift my spirits. And I want to share one of my favorite songs that I wrote on a particularly challenging day.


The day began with a meeting that was scheduled for early in the morning. But  the night before there was a power outage and my alarm didn’t go off. I went from being early to barely making it. 


With my heart pounding, I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs. There was no time to make breakfast, so I popped two pieces of bread into the toaster while I put on my shoes. But the knobs on the toaster had been  unknowingly turned up way too hot. My toast was “toast.”


I was tired and hungry, but I had to leave immediately to make it on time, so I ran into the garage and got into my car. I put the key into the ignition and pushed a button to start the engine. It didn’t start; the battery was dead. At this point, I realized I wasn’t going anywhere. I called AAA to jump my car battery, and while I waited, headed to my living room.


Just as I sat down at the piano, I noticed a little red bird sitting in a tree outside my window. He was standing there whistling a happy song. That little red bird wasn’t having a crappy day; he was having a happy day.


After thinking for a moment, I wrote Happy Song. Click Here to listen. I hope it makes you smile! The words and music are by me, piano performed by Ben Schwendener. To find more of my music, visit

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