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Blogging to relieve your stress

You may wonder how blogging can reduce your stress. I did too. But imagine thinking about something and getting it out of your thoughts and into the open where you can “get it off your chest” and at the same time see if it can help others and if others are thinking it too. Blogging …


North American Menopause Society Meeting

I’ve just returned from the North American Menopause Society meeting in Chicago. Many friends there and lots of great content. I’ll be writing about some of the things I heard there in the next week. Stay tuned. One thing is certain, there is a real possibility for 60 to be the new 50 or even …


Breast Cancer Tips

This is breast cancer month. It’s one of the most scary diagnosis a woman can have and for many it is not well understood. Here is a link to an article that makes understanding breast cancer very clear. It’s always a good thing to understand a disease. Knowlege is the best way to both make …


Obesity and our Genes

Today a new study came out linking obesity to our genes http://www.businessweek.com/lifestyle/content/healthday/644136.html. It’s interesting findings and may contribute to the explosion of obesity we are seeing in the US and now world wide. But it’s hard to see how 2% of people with all these genetic mutation can cause two thirds of the country to be …