Does Your Life Rate an “A?”

Does Your Life Rate an “A?”

Does it seem that life is always throwing a monkey wrench your way? And doesn’t it always seem to happen when things are finally on track and going well; and BAM! Something goes wrong either with finances, love or health, or something else. It can be really challenging to stay balanced when the unexpected tries to knock you down.


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And then, even though you’re down and out, you see a rainbow that has a pot of gold at the end. And suddenly hope starts raining down. You realize things can change in your favor.


All of these experiences, all these ups and downs, are threads woven into our tapestry of life. And how the threads are arranged affects the quality of our life.


How about you?  How would rate your tapestry? Would you give it an “A”?


The truth is, life is always and “A.”


Why? Because at any time, there are basically only three things your life can be….


Awesome! Average. Or Awful…


Here’s what I mean…


Awesome is…Something extraordinary. Being cured of a challenging or terrible illness. The birth of a child or grandchild. Winning the lottery. Making a difference in the world or in the life of even one person. Figuring out how to lose the weight that was increasing your risk of illness or changing the way you perceived yourself. Finding the right life partner. Perfecting work-life balance. Finding spiritual enlightenment. Being totally content with who and what you are. Reducing your symptoms of menopause that were causing you dreadopause. All of those are pretty awesome!

Awesome typically comes in spurts. No one I’ve ever known or heard of lives every day of his or her life as Awesome.


If Awesome is extraordinary, Average might by comparison seem pretty ho-hum.


But that isn’t the case. In fact, average is the quality of life we all strive for. Not Awesome or Awful. By average I mean we are not in any pain. Nothing bad is happening right now. We have enough good food to eat. We have a comfortable and safe place to live. We have support from friends and/or family. We have enough money to occasionally do extra things we enjoy like taking a vacation, or buying an item that needs replacing, or just updating. When you think about it, Average by this definition is a pretty good place to be. Some might call it awesome.


Awful is another matter. We live in constant pain. Our weight out of control. Health is declining. Financial strain is a constant. We feel alone, isolated, depressed, stressed out. Loss of a loved one. Awful, is a bad place to be.


For most people. Awesome and Awful are temporary. We can’t expect to remain in an awesome situation forever. And with some luck and effort, we don’t stay in an awful place forever either.


The trick is to balance these three qualities of life. When things are awesome, live in the moment. Savor those time. Remember how you felt. What you did that caused you even more pleasure. Whom you shared it with? What did you do to optimize it?


In the field on NLP, you might be instructed to step into an imaginary place on the floor, like within a circle, or to make a gesture with your hands like a thumbs up or an “OK” sign, and think hard about how good you are feeling this moment. And then when you are in an “awful place,” step back into that imaginary place or make that gesture and try to summon up those good vibrations.


And with practice, it’s possible to get back in balance. Like a seesaw, not too high, not too low.


When you think of what that really means…That’s pretty awesome itself. And remember no matter what, you get an A.


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