Wash Your Hands music video

Wash Your Hands music video

It’s hard to believe that only a short time ago, no one would give a second thought to going out to dinner, a movie, or to the gym. Toilet paper wasn’t a scarce commodity and hand sanitizer was something we likely weren’t thinking about. We also didn’t wash hands 10+ times a day.

Since corona virus became a pandemic, we keep hearing two recurring messages:

  1. Social Distancing – at least 6 feet apart from others because anyone could be a carrier, and
  2. Wash Your Hands – for at least 20 seconds.

A few years ago I made this music video to educate kids about the importance of hand washing. Now it’s particularly important for us all. I hope you enjoy the Wash Your Hands music video. If you like it, there are many more health related songs I’ve created at https://HealthRock.Bandcamp.com.


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