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Simple Household Ways to Kill Covid-19

One patient asked me, “They keep telling me to wash my hands. When is it OK to take a shower?”   Let’s face it, everyone wants to disinfect their hands and their countertops, doorknobs and other places that Covid-19 may be lurking.   Here are some simple things that you can make to be help …


Wearing Gloves? You Still Have to Wash Your Hands!

Many people believe if they wear gloves they will be protected from infection. But they haven’t learned about “cross contamination.” It’s where the infection is on one thing, like gloves, and the gloves then spread the infection to another thing, like your face. This video makes the point really simple. Touch germs with your gloves, …


Wash Your Hands music video

It’s hard to believe that only a short time ago, no one would give a second thought to going out to dinner, a movie, or to the gym. Toilet paper wasn’t a scarce commodity and hand sanitizer was something we likely weren’t thinking about. We also didn’t wash hands 10+ times a day. Since corona …