Music Monday: Going to the Dentist Song

Music Monday: Going to the Dentist Song

Going to the dentist is not just for kids; it’s an important part of staying well. But a lot of people don’t go until there is a problem.


Since February is Dental Health Month, I thought I’d offer 5 reasons to be sure you stay current with your dental hygiene. To help reinforce the message, I’m including a song I wrote called Sip, Swish, Spit. It’s from the HealthRock Dental CD. Enjoy! Click Here to listen or to purchase.


Five Reasons to Take Care of Your Teeth

  1. Fresh breath, keep you smile nice, lower your dental costs as you age
  2. Keep your teeth as you age. Those with 20 teeth or more at 70 are more likely to live longer than those with less than 20 teeth
  3. The bacteria that cause gum disease can get into the bloodstream and produce a protein that can cause the blood to thicken. That means blood clots and stroke are more likely to form, and the heart is getting fewer nutrients as well as the oxygen it needs, which can increased risk of a heart attack.
  4. In a study of 65,000 postmenopausal women ages of 54 and 86, those with a history of gum disease were 14% more likely to develop cancer. Among those 14 percent, one in three developed breast cancer and the risk of lung cancer, esophageal, gallbladder and skin cancers were greatly increased.
  5. Most people don’t think of their teeth as bones; but they are. If your dentist finds less calcium in your teeth, they can recommend getting a bone density test to see if you have osteoporosis.


To help you think about going to the dentist twice each year and brushing your teeth twice daily, enjoy Sip, Swish, Spit. You can find this song and others from HealthRock Dental CD as well as other types of my music by visiting


The music, lyrics and vocals are by Mache Seibel MD. On piano is Ben Schwendener, on bass is Bridget Kearney and on drums is Mike Calabrese.


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