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New Study on Sexual Satisfaction in Older Women: Use It, Don't Lose It

Aging Americans can and do enjoy high levels of sexual satisfaction. A new study published in the January 2012 issue of the American Journal of Medicine on sexual activity in older American women contained both good news and potential concerns. The University of California, San Diego School of Medicine study,[1] followed 806 older women in …


Rape: What Every Woman, And Man, Should Know

Rape is a topic most victims avoid. So much so you’d think it doesn’t happen. Perpetrators uniformly deny it so it seems no one would ever do it. But it happens often, victims suffer deep scars, and perpetrators typically get off without a scratch (see below). A new law is the beginning of that changing. …


Does Your Plate Look Like MyPlate?

As a child, I was extremely fat. At the ripe old age of 29 months, there was a front-page article about me in the Galveston Daily News: Mighty Mite – the fattest child in Galveston County. My grandparents thought a fat baby was a healthy baby. We now know a fat baby is often not …


Alternative Approaches to HRT

It’s new years but hot flashes get old in a hurry. Estrogen can work for most women with low estrogen, but many women can’t take it and others just prefer an alternative route. Fortunately, there are things you can do that help reduce the hot flashes for many women. Here are some suggestions I make …


Santa's 5 Healthy Changes To Fit Down Chimneys

Santa’s recent inablility to fit down the chimney has resulted in him trading in his perennial request for cookies by the chimney to wanting a small fruit and veggie platter. His decision came just hours after the red clad, ruby cheeked Christmas icon received his latest medical report from his doctor. Both his weight and …


Benefits of Flaxseed for Hot Flashes

Since HRT carries hormone side effects, I’m constantly looking for the best alternative treatment to use for low estrogen in menopause. This is particularly true for women with breast cancer. The results seem to always be mixed for alternative treatments and the benefits of flaxseed is no exception. Flaxseeds contain a plant estrogen or phytoestrogen. …


Is Adult Obesity in America A Disease or A Disability?

It has finally happened; the beginning of a debate to define obesity. Is it a disease, a self-inflicted quality that can be avoided and therefore penalized, or a disability to be discriminated against or fined? A recent Gallop survey of absenteeism among unhealthy American workers found chronic disease tied heavily with obesity. Chronic diseases are …


7 Fast Food Facts to Get Healthy Fast Food

Health fast food doesn’t exactly go together, even if the menu suggests you’re making a “healthy” choice. For instance, a McDonald’s Fruit & Maple Oatmeal contains more sugar than a Snickers bar. That’s why it’s so important to read the labels and find out what’s in it. Unfortunately, most people don’t. A recent survey by …


Music To Treat High Blood Pressure & Causes of Stess

There are some songs that just make me stop, listen and relax. Ever happen to you? More and more studies are proving it’s more than coincidence. Music is being used to lower blood pressure, and reduce pain and stress symptoms among other things. Reports indicate that up to 85% of primary care visits are attributed …


Heart Attacks in Menopausal Women

When I ask my menopause patients if they know the symptoms of a heart attack, the answer is usually, “No,” or they think of crushing chest pain. But chest pain or pain going down one or both arms is much more common in men than in women. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death …

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