Save Your Life: What To Do in a Medical Emergency


Today I’d like to share with you a book that I am very excited about. It’s called, “Save Your Life: What to Do in a Medical Emergency.” I have written this with my co-author, Shelly Glazier. It is one of the only books on the market today that tells you: what is a medical emergency, when to call 911, and what to do after you’ve called 911.

For instance, if you have a common emergency you and you’ve called 911, would you remember to unlock your door so the emergency response team doesn’t have to break it down? If its nighttime, would you remember to turn your light on so emergency responders can read the numbers to know which house is yours? Would you remember to put your dog in another room or restrain him/her so that they don’t try to attack or growl at the first responders? Would you remember to ask someone with you if they could start to move cars or furniture that is in the way to make it easier for first responders to bring in a stretcher to help the victim get out of the house in a hurry? Would you remember to call the patient’s doctor or other specialists that should be informed during such an emergency?

This book brings to light many of the unforeseen circumstances that may happen during an emergency and helps you to handle them smoothly.

Also in this book are tips to help you prepare for an emergency like this, such as adding your In Case Of Emergency numbers to your cell phone so that rescuers can call your family members even if you are unconscious.

I must stress that calling 911 should always be the first phone call one should make in a medical emergency, because it could mean the difference between life and death.

I encourage you to buy this book and to inform your friends and family about the life saving tips and prevention methods that could save a loved one during an emergency situation.

Click here to purchase this book: Save Your Life: What To Do in a Medical Emergency

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