New Book Reveals The Impact of Working Through Menopause

New Book Reveals The Impact of Working Through Menopause

Whether you’re a business woman in perimenopause or menopause or a company that hires them, you will want to know about this new book called Working Through Menopause: The Impact on Women, Businesses and The Bottom Line released today to coincide with International Women’s Day.


Hot flashes, mood swings, poor sleep, and irritability are challenging enough menopause symptoms at home. But dealing with these symptoms in the workplace has resulted in a huge unmet need for the one fourth of the entire workforce who are in either perimenopause or menopause. Not addressing menopause symptoms in the workplace has created an occupational wellness problem costing businesses $810 Billion globally. Hot flashes alone in the United States is a $14 Billion dollar cost to businesses.


  • Find out what women can be doing to improve their work experience
  • How big on an issue menopause in the workplace is
  • What is currently being done to help women in the workplace
  • What businesses can do to make things better


Since perimenopause and menopause represent one fourth of the US workforce, more needs to be done to support women in the workplace and improve the impact of this occupational wellness issue.


CLICK HERE to get your copy.

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