Musical Monday – Dateless Saturday Night

Musical Monday – Dateless Saturday Night

A while ago I was asked to write the music and lyrics for a musical comedy. It was called Male, Female, Email. It got a reading at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse and interest for production in London. But just like internet dating, things don’t always work out. Nevertheless, it was very exciting and it resulted in my creating an entire score of songs about dating. 


One of the songs is about a female character and a male character who don’t know each other but are so burned out with the dating scene, they independently muse that rather than look for a date, it was time for a break. They needed a “Dateless Saturday Night.” Click on the title to listen.


This song is their duet. It’s sung separately from two different locations. It reminded me of trying to make the best from the social isolation we’re dealing with today. As if dating wasn’t hard enough! It also shows that there can be joy in spending some quality time with alone. 


Click Here to hear A Dateless Saturday Night. The vocalists are Joanie Pimentel and Kemp Harris with Ben Schwendener on piano.


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