Musical Monday: “Click I Do” A song about A Virtual Wedding

Musical Monday: “Click I Do” A song about A Virtual Wedding

Let’s face it, everything seems to be going digital.

Our office meetings, religious services, birthdays, doctor’s appointments and more are now becoming Zoom events.

But not everything has made the digital transition, events like sports, theatre, and weddings are either always or typically postponed.

June is a month that has traditionally seen a lot of weddings. I got married in June as so many others have. And as part of my collaboration on a musical comedy called Male, Female, Email, I wrote the music and lyrics for a song entitled “Click I Do.” The song is about two people who met on the internet, and in keeping with their relationship, they decide to get married on the internet. It’s a fun song with me singing the part of the groom, Joanie Pimentel singing the part of the bride, and Kemp Harris singing the part of the preacher. Piano is performed by Ben Schwendener. I hope you enjoy it! CLICK HERE to listen.

If you’d like to hear more of my music, visit HealthRock.

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