Functional Fitness Starring Suzanne Andrewss on PBS


I hope you all will listen to my interview with Suzanne Andrews about her new PBS show. You can hear it or download it at One of the things that keeps many people from exercising is that they are already so overweight or out of shape that they think that it is too late for them. “Not so,” says Suzanne. The exercises on her show can be done both standing and sitting in a chair, and are gentle enough for even the most limited of us. Over time, the regular exercising can help to increase motion in joints, help to lose weight, and help people gain a better sense of self esteem. The goal of the exercises on this show is to keep people functional. That includes getting up out of chairs or off the toilet, going shopping and getting the groceries in and a bunch of other things we may not think about as exercise, but are an important part of our daily lives. And you can learn all this from Suzanne in the comfort of your living room using common household items as the equipment to help you stay fit and functional.

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