8 Ways to Get Relief From Perimenopausal Symptoms

8 Ways to Get Relief From Perimenopausal Symptoms

For so many women, perimenopause remains a mystery. What is it? When is it? How will I know I’m in it? How do I make it better? The truth is, some of the worst “menopause symptoms” occur in perimenopause.

Because perimenopause is a topic that doesn’t get nearly enough attention, Vanessa Caceres wrote an article for US News and World Report on perimenopause and interviewed me and a few of my colleagues around the country to tell a story that could help women get relief from perimenopause symptoms. I thought I’d share that article with you here. CLICK HERE to read it.

For more information on perimenopause and menopause, hormone therapy and other options for menopause symptoms, get a copy of my best selling book, The Estrogen Fix.


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