5 Tips for a Healthy New Year


Menopause is known as the change, but things don’t have to change for the worse. In fact, for many women, menopause is the beginning of a new opportunity to enjoy the life they want to live and for healthy aging. Here are my top 5 tips to “change” for the better and have a healthy New Year.

5 Step System

1. Stay active. If you don’t drive your car, it stops working well. Same with your body. Exercise helps joints stay lubricated, hearts stay tuned, and muscles staying strong.
2. Socialize. “People who need people,” as Barbra Streisand sang, “are the luckiest (and the happiest) people in the world.” Reach out and stay in touch, even for a few minutes, as part of every day. It’s essential for healthy aging.

3. Eat Healthy. Food is the fuel for every cell in your body. Don’t put bad fuel in your car or bad fuel in your body. Avoid packaged and processed foods, eat whole foods and fresh veggies, and limit sugary drinks and desserts. Your body will also appreciate grass fed beef and organic goods as much as possible.
4. Stay sexually active. Intimate dryness is a common complaint, but staying sexually active helps overcome or prevent that. Need some help? Over the counter remedies such as Replens, or prescription remedies such as local estrogen or DHEA can be used safely vaginally for almost everyone, even if you don’t want to take hormones by mouth or on your skin. I discuss this in detail in my new book EstrogenFixBook.com.
5. Express gratitude. Life can be challenging, but it can also contain many blessings. Find your blessings and before bed and upon wakening, remind yourself about the things you are grateful for. You’ll be amazed how much better you sleep and how much better you experience each day and experience healthy aging.

My motto is, It’s better to stay well than to get well.™ Time spent on you isn’t lost; it’s invested. Join me each week on FacebookLive Thursdays at 9:00 pm eastern @MyMenopauseMagazine. We’ll cover topics you want to discuss and answer your questions.


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