New Dietary Guidelines are out


The new dietary guidelines are out and the verdict is in: the USDA offers US citizens its food intake advice while at the same time trying to not offend its other responsibility – namely the ranchers of America. In other words, can the USDA want us to lose weight by not eating too much cheese while it simultaneously encourages Domino’s Pizza to invent a pizza with 40% more cheese? Probably not.So until we figure out what government agency to entrust the Dietary Guidelines to, keep these few items in mind:eat lots of vegetables and fresh fruits, limit bread intake, eliminate sodas (one less daily will lose 10 pounds for you in a year), eat no larger portion of meat at a sitting than the size of your palm, eat only whole grains and drink 8 glasses of water daily. Doing those things will offer a healthy diet and likely allow you to lose weight. For more on the Dietary Guidelines, see the link below.

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