Musical Monday: Two Rings

Musical Monday: Two Rings

Several years ago I was speaking with a woman vocalist in an audition. She appeared to be rather sad and I asked her what was troubling her.


She then went on to tell me a story that she was trying to come to grips with. She was married to one man, but was in fact, in love with another. She wore a wedding band, but she also wore another ring on her finger, one given to her by the other man. To make matters even worse for her, the same things had happened to her mother.


I listened to her story and was moved by it, and went on to write this song called Two Rings. I played it for her a few days later and asked if she would like to sing it. The song touched a little too close to home because it caused her to confront her realities. Here is the country song I recorded with Joanie Pimentel on vocals and Ben Schwendener on piano. Click Here to listen to Two Rings.


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