Musical Monday: Searching For Love

Musical Monday: Searching For Love

Dating is never easy, and finding a potential partner is a challenge even in the best of times. It’s even crazier during a pandemic while socially isolating.


Several years ago I wrote the music and lyrics for a musical comedy called Mail, Female, Email. It was all about internet dating. Since I’ve been happily married for three decades, I wasn’t entirely sure what internet dating ads were like. So I did some research and this song, Searching for Love, includes a number of those ads in musical form.


It’s a fun song that, if you listen to the end, reveals the chaotic nature of dating and the challenges of finding true romance. I think you will enjoy it, even if you are not currently interested in Searching for Love. It features Ben Schwendener on Piano. Joanie Pimentel and Kemp Harris provide vocals.


Click Here to listen. Visit to hear other examples of my music.


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