Musical Monday: Red Hot Mama Song

Musical Monday: Red Hot Mama Song

A number of years ago I was in New York with my good friend Karen Giblin, founder of Red Hot Mamas. We were doing a satellite interview series on menopause. You go to a television studio, in this case it was in New York, early in the morning. Every hour you are interviewed by several television stations in a different time zone, so you appear on the morning news across the entire nation from the same location.


After three hours of interviews, we were having a cup of coffee and she mentioned to me that she thought I should write a song about “Red Hot Mamas.” So on the airplane from New York to Boston, I grabbed a napkin and took out my pen and wrote the words to the song Red Hot Mama on the back of that napkin. My goal was a sexy, sassy, fun song about menopause.


A short time later I went into the recording studio with Ben Schwendener on piano and Joanie Pimentel on vocals and we recorded the song, Red Hot Mama. Click Here to listen.


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Lyrics for Red Hot Mama Song

I’m a red hot mama

From my head to my feat

Sassy and Brassy

Sexy and Sweet

Come a little closer..

Pssst…feel my heat.


I’m a red hot mama

I like to exercise

Toning up my tummy

Shaping my thighs

Men still looking at me

And I look at guys.



I’m good at conversations and I’m very good in bed

I know I got some wrinkles but I still can turn a head

I’m through with making babies, now I’m making love instead

Just because I’m in the ‘pause doesn’t mean I’m dead


I’m a red hot mama

Who likes the company of men

But now I drink my tonic

with a splash of estrogen

I may be getting older

but now I’m wiser than then


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