Musical Monday: “Junk Food” – A Major Cause of the Quarantine 15

Musical Monday: “Junk Food” – A Major Cause of the Quarantine 15

Stress has a powerful effect on appetite; it often creates nervous nibbling that slowly and steadily adds weight to our belly, in addition to stress being a weight on our shoulders. During this pandemic a lot of people are stuck at home, and frankly, a little anxious and depressed. The combination of these two facts are who so many people have gained weight during this pandemic. It’s called the Quarantine 15. Perhaps you’ve noticed a little increased girth in your belly.

One Yale University study found that even insects like grasshoppers, change their diet when stressed. Grasshoppers normally eat protein such as grasses. But when frightened by spiders, they change their diet to sugary goldenrod plants. The sugary foods provide a quick fuel source in case they have to flee in a hurry. It seems that same primitive reaction to stress is happening to humans stressed out by current events.

Stress causes the release of the stress-hormone cortisol, and that in turn drives sugar out of the liver and muscles for fight or flight. Our bodies then want to replace the sugar. And using up all that cortisol from chronic stress causes our body to crave sweets and fat to replenish the cortisol.  And chronically large amounts of cortisol release also makes us crave foods that contain large amounts of fat, sugar, and salt. That leads to making food choices like processed foods, pizza and junk food. A way to counter this problem is to eat healthy foods in appropriate portions, use stress reduction techniques such as meditation, exercise, and clean the junk food out of your house.

This weeks Musical Monday is called Junk Food. I was asked to perform this HealthRock song for NYTV. Click below to watch the video. I always appreciate likes, comments or sharing with a friend.

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