Menopause Bloggers Corner – Tips from Top Bloggers

Menopause Bloggers Corner – Tips from Top Bloggers

There are a number of bloggers doing a terrific job in educating the public on the topic of Menopause.

I wanted to feature a few of them in this issue and will invite others to participate in future issues. So enjoy these tips intended to help you.
5 Menopause Tips from Friend For The Ride
Barbara Younger

1.Embrace the change! Menopause makes you bolder. Go for it. Try a new hobby, ditch a mean friend, paint your living room a happy color, change up your clothing style, and/or find engaging volunteer work.

2. Be prepared for funky moods. The roller coaster emotions can swoop you up and back down again in minutes. Let family and friends know you’re on a wild ride. They can help you best if they understand that menopause is the cause of your moodiness.

3. Refrain from being overly self-critical. Instead, spoil yourself! Treat yourself! Forgive yourself! Honor yourself! Become your own fairy godmother.

4. Watch the calories. Give into the cravings just enough to calm them, but don’t go overboard. Experiment to find an exercise plan you can stick to. If it’s more fun than work, it’s the right plan for you.

5. Don’t panic when your libido takes a nosedive. Spontaneity is overrated. Make a date for romantic sex and keep the commitment. You’ll be amazed at how your gusto comes back once you get going.


5 Tips for Surviving The Big M
Lynette Sheppard – Menopause Goddess Blog

1. Do not go through this transition alone. If I could only give one tip for surviving the Pause, this would be the one. Women sharing wisdom, commiserating, laughing, and caring are the difference between merely surviving and actually thriving. Start your own Menopause Goddess group or menopausal support group. We are happy to share how-to so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

2. Find an enlightened health care partner. If your MD or nurse practitioner does not feel like a partner, find someone who does. This may entail shopping around a bit. I am a huge fan of holistic and complementary medicine practitioners. Check out Women in Balance ( or The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (formerly American Holistic Medical Assn) at to find a practitioner near you.

3. Get to know your own body. This is critical to finding out what works and what doesn’t. There are as many ways to deal with menopause as there are women. What worked for one won’t work for another. Alas, sometimes what worked yesterday may not work today.

4. Laugh! For help with this, see tip #1. If you don’t laugh, you might cry for a very long time. Just sayin’.

5. Try remedies and helps that are completely without side effects like wicking sleepwear, fans, cooling cloths and bedding, even pearls that go in the freezer. Search the web for these lifesaving measures or check out the Menopause Marketplace on Menopause Goddess Blog.

Visit the blog at and feel free to contact Lynette at


7 Menopause Tips to Help Alleviate Your Symptoms
Julieann Roberts

Menopause may feel like it’s something you have to live with, but that doesn’t have to be the case. In fact it can mean a positive change to your life: a time for making lifestyle changes. There are many simple changes you can make that will have a big impact on your menopause symptoms. Here are 7 menopause tips you can start today.

1. Keep Track Of Your Triggers And Avoid Them.
Hot flushes and night sweats are the most common symptoms of menopause. Potential triggers such as caffeine, smoking, alcohol, an overheated room, the wrong clothing and spicy food can all exacerbate these and other menopause symptoms. Keep a diary of where you were and what you were doing and within a short time you may start to see a pattern.

2. Try To Relax
Psychological symptoms associated with hormonal changes brought about by menopause can include feeling down, anxiety, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue and irritability. To help improve these symptoms make sure you get plenty of rest and time for yourself. Practice breathing exercises, try meditation or join a yoga class.

3. Make Sure You Get A Good Night’s Sleep
Restful sleep will help you to cope with night sweats and other symptoms. Improve your sleep by: avoiding exercise within 2 hours of bedtime; going to bed at the same time every night; avoiding alcohol; wearing lighter clothing and keeping your bedroom cool. Your body recovers during rest so getting enough sleep is vital.

4. Increase Your Activity Level
There is evidence that women who are more active tend to suffer less from menopause symptoms. Exercise is not only important for the relief of short-term symptoms but can also protect your body from heart disease. Exercise will also help to keep your bones and the muscles that support them strong. The best kind of exercise are aerobic, weight-bearing, stretching and balance.

5. Control Your Diet
Eating a well-balanced and healthy diet essential. Try to incorporate all food groups and ensure that you get enough essential vitamins and minerals. Many women tend to gain weight at menopause so it is important to eat less calories than you did before.

6. Stay Hydrated
Make sure that you drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and functioning properly.

7. Seek Help
If the symptoms of menopause become too much for you, it is time to consult your healthcare professional about treatment such as Hormone Therapy. Keep a diary of your symptoms, as this will ensure that your discussion is a productive one.


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