Love Doesn't Hurt


Listen to my Love Doesn’t Hurt Song. You can even sing along with the lyrics below.

Love Doesn’t Hurt Song

Love Doesn’t Hurt

Verse 1

Love doesn’t hurt

Matter of fact, love feels safe and good

Love doesn’t hurt

There’s just one situation where it could

If love ends and breaks your heart

Love could hurt when it departs

Otherwise love

doesn’t hurt

verse 2

Love isn’t cruel

It doesn’t lock you up or put you down

Love isn’t cruel

It’s supposed to make you smile, not make you frown

No love does not cause you shame

Or emotional pain

‘cause love

isn’t cruel



Don’t think there’s something wrong with you

For doing what you need to do

It’s not your fault, get help, don’t wait for more


Don’t be ashamed or be confused

Hurt isn’t love, hurt’s called abused

And it won’t stop till you walk out the door

Verse 3

Love doesn’t hit

It doesn’t leave you looking black and blue

Love doesn’t hit

Love wouldn’t do a thing like that to you

Love don’t kick or slap or shove

That’s assault, it’s not love

‘Cause love

Doesn’t hit



Verse 1 repeat


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