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Dr. Mache Joins Huffington Post

I’m delighted to tell you that I’ve been asked to blog for the Huffington Post. My first blog post was just featured and received a lot of attention. I think you’ll find it interesting. Click here to read it.


Increased Risk of STDs among 50+

The boomers or gaining in numbers and so is their incidence of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Maybe it’s all the Viagra giving sex a greater likelihood of occurring with aging. Since pregnancy isn’t an issue, people might just not be thinking about STDs. Seems they should be. For additional info.  Click here for a link to a …


Women's Sexuality in Menopause

A few years ago Karen Giblin asked me to write a theme song called Red Hot Mama for her Red Hot Mama’s menopause organization. One of the lines in it goes – “Just because I’m in the ‘Pause doesn’t mean I’m dead.” That line underscores what a number of studies show; that sexual activity is alive …

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