A Candid Chat on The Latest on Menopause and Sexual Health

A Candid Chat on The Latest on Menopause and Sexual Health

I recently had the pleasure of being invited back to The Autoimmune Hour. Host Sharon Saylor explored with me the latest information on menopause, and a deep dive into the issues of vaginal dryness and intimacy that affects so many women in and around menopause.

In this episode, we also had a candid discussion about with the latest research on women’s wellness, including:

• An in-depth chat on sexual health including vaginal dryness and the difference between moisturizers and lubricants,
• The latest on hormone replacement and autoimmune,
• Understanding the changes as we age,
• Is endometriosis an autoimmune disease,
• Why we need to know our FSH level, and much more…

It’s all here for you. Just click to listen and start becoming a partner with your healthcare provider.

Listen to “A Candid Chat on Women’s Wellness and Menopause with Dr. Mache Seibel” on Spreaker.nbsp;


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