Timing of Mammogram Could Save Your Life

Timing of Mammogram Could Save Your Life

There’s new information on when and how often to get a mammogram that you should know about. Many guidelines say to wait until you’re 50 to begin. Some say get a mammogram every other year. But new information suggests both of those guidelines are inaccurate.


A new study found that getting a yearly mammogram between the ages of 40-49 reduced the risk of dying from breast cancer by 25% during the first 10 years of followup. 


According to the study, if 1,150 women were screened between the ages of 40-49 years, one breast cancer death would be prevented. That means that for roughly every 1,000 women screened in that age group, one additional person would be saved.


The study was published online in Lancet Oncology. So if you are worried about breast cancer, or want to optimize your chances of finding it earlier, get a yearly mammogram. It might save your life!

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