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Dr. Mache specifically created the HealthRock Relax CD to help his patients relax because so many of them ask him for stress tips and how to lower stress. Relaxing music has been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress and these soothing instrumental songs are designed for that. DOWNLOAD the RELAX CD below to help you:

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Relax" HealthRock® Relax CD

Soothing Instrumental Music to reduce stress created by Dr. Mache and performed by his trio, led by Ben Schwendener. Music is one of the natural ways to reduce stress.

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A Woman’s Book of Yoga
Seibel MM, Kaur-Khalsa H., Avery, Penguin, Putnam Press, New York, NY. 2002.

A Woman’s Book of Yoga offers women easy to understand information on yoga and explains how yoga helps your body, mind and spirit to reduce stress. The exercises are simple so every woman can do them.

The Recession and Stress is One of The Causes of Teeth Grinding and Jaw Pain

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