Stay Well Cards

Stay Well Cards

Why wait until friends and loved ones are ill to wish them wellness? Stay Well Cards offer free online musical greeting cards to encourage people to stay well. After all, "It's better to stay well than to get well".

Tunnel Light

tunnel light

Don't be in the dark about colon cancer. Get a light... the end of your tunnel. Get a colonoscopy. Stay well!



Listen up sisters!
Get a breast exam and a mammogram! Stay well!

Quit Smoking

quit smoking

Add years to your life and $1,000s to your bank account...
Quit smoking. Stay well.

Nine Lives

cats have nine lives

Cats have nine lives, human have only one.
That's why we have to stay well!

Good Reason

good reason

Want a good reason to stay well?

About You

join my health plan

It's all about you!
Stay Well!

Health Plan

join my health plan

Join me in my health plan...
Stay Well!

Healthy Choices

join my health plan

Stay Well!
Make healthy choices!

Health is Good

join my health plan

Health is Good...
Stay Well!

Don't Worry Stay Healthy

join my health plan

Don't worry...
Stay Healthy! Stay Well!

Get Inspected

join my health plan

Your car gets inspected every year...
Don't forget to get your annual exam. Stay Well!

Stay Well

join my health plan

It's better to stay well than to get well!
(blank inside)

Commit Random Acts of Health

join my health plan

Commit random acts of health...
Eat well, exercise, and watch your weight. Stay Well!

One Less Soda

one less soda

Did you know if you drink one less soda a day,
you lose 10 pounds in a year.
A little difference makes a lot of change.
Eat healthy. Stay well!