Mache Seibel, MD Uncovers The Estrogen Window

Finally, exposing the Women’s Health Initiative myth and guiding women through perimenopause, menopause, and beyond as they discover which estrogens and progestogens are safest, when and how long to take them and the truth about bioidentical hormones

Boston: Mache Seibel, M.D., one of America’s leading experts on women’s wellness and menopause, unveils groundbreaking research in his new book, The Estrogen Window (Rodale Press, April 2016), now available for pre-sale. The window of opportunity to begin estrogen therapy (ET) to minimize risks and maximize menopausal relief for common symptoms like: hot flashes, dryness, mood swings, fractured sleep, brain fog, irritability, and weight gain is defined and revealed.

“Many women and a large number of doctors are still confused about estrogen. When initially introduced, estrogen was believed to be good for you. But after the infamous Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, women were told that hormone therapy could lead to an increased risk of cancer, blood clots, and heart disease,” says Mache Seibel, MD., former 20-year veteran of Harvard Medical School faculty, editor of My Menopause Magazine and Professor of OB/GYN, University of Massachusetts. “Nothing could be farther from the truth.”

The Estrogen Window proves that when taken at the right time, estrogen therapy can lead to substantial improvements in health and quality of life. Beginning estrogen during this window provides a wide range of health benefits that include a lower risk of breast cancer, heart disease and dementia, the very conditions women fear the most.  But, beginning estrogen after a woman’s estrogen window closes can actually increase their risk for breast cancer, heart, Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. The Estrogen Window describes which estrogens and progestogens are safest, how long to take them and the truth about bioidentical hormones.

“The Estrogen Window, introduces a new era of understanding hormone replacement therapy and a new level of clarity for controversial topics of medicine. Dr. Mache manages to give us an unbiased read on the clear message from the vast world of hormone replacement research. He gives a case that will satisfy the most technical readers and summarizes his perspectives into action steps that give clear direction to both experts and lay audiences. This is now the top book on hormone replacement that I will recommend to my patients and peers,” says Alan Christianson, NMD and NY Times Best Selling Author.

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