The Hot Flash Rescue Kit — Stop Living in Hot Flash Hell
Dr. Mache Seibel | International Menopause Expert

Are You Living In


Are your hot flashes:

Waking you up at night so you wake up tired?

Embarrassing you at work or with friends?

Driving you crazy? (or Affecting the quality of your life?/Making you miserable?)

In less than 60 minutes I can rescue you from Hot Flash Hell!

Everything you need is in the Hot Flash Rescue Kit!

The Hot Flash Rescue Kit was developed by one of America’s leading menopause experts who’s treated over 10,000 women with these problems…

Here’s what’s in The Hot Flash Rescue Kit eCourse:

  • Why hot flashes happen

  • What triggers them and ways to help that happen less often

  • How hot flashes disrupt your quality of life (there may be more things ahead you don’t know about)

  • Surprising ways hot flashes lower the quality of your work (hint: most women don’t realize this)

  • How your hot flashes may be a marker for serious medical conditions you should be discussing with your healthcare provider (fact: many doctors don’t know about this)

  • The latest and most effective treatments — from holistic lifestyle changes to the most effective medications

  • A handy reference summary of all the treatments and a ranking of how effective they are

  • The information you need to start making changes today and to start a conversation with your doctor tomorrow

Don’t keep living in Hot Flash Hell!

Get rescued now with the Hot Flash Rescue Kit eCourse. Discover how to figure it out so you don’t have to tough it out!

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