The Better Sex Blueprint — Transform Your Sex Life

Get Ready to transform your sex life!

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Talking about sex can be embarrassing. Most doctors don’t ask about it. Discover how to talk with your doctor and how to start making things better right now.

FACT: Sexual satisfaction can remain great as you grow older. Yet over 50% of women have some type of sexual difficulty – dryness, pain, no interest, delayed or absent satisfaction – and surveys show doctors and women don’t talk about it. That’s why only 7% get treated.

It’s time to end the silence. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Intimacy is important. Don’t go another day without the tools and resources you need to bring the spark back into the bedroom. When you use this Blueprint Kit, you’ll have an easy-to-use blueprint to improve your relationship.

Mid-life is the most common time for sexual problems. Imagine how much better it will be when you…

  • Understand the problems
  • Have a blueprint to start fixing those problems immediately
  • Know what questions to ask your doctor or healthcare provider
  • Can do that in the privacy of your own home.

Think how much more control that would give you!

You’ll discover potential problems AND fixes.

Talking about sex is uncomfortable. It’s time to enhance the romance and get back on track to enjoying the pleasure of great sex. It’s possible, and it’s doable. The answers are right here.

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The Better Sex Blueprint Kit includes:

  • The Blueprint Guidebook — A 30-page, in-depth guide to Better Sex, containing all of the info from the videos including illustrations, graphics and charts, for those who want to follow along, have a quick reference, or benefit from visual learning.

  • Access to all of the Blueprint Videos — The Blueprint Kit contains 7 essential videos that walk you through every aspect of the Better Sex Blueprint, with helpful illustrations, graphics and charts so it’s easy for you to follow along.

  • BONUS! The Better Sex, Better Intimacy Audio Program — This program consists of info-packed interviews with leading sex therapists on the following topics: Do you have sexual dysfunction, Do you need a sex therapist, How to achieve better sex today, Overcoming painful sex, Sex and Cancer, and Sex with Disabilities.

    The Better Sex, Better Intimacy Audio program is sold on But for a limited time it’s yours at no cost as a bonus to make the decision to take action easy for you. The goal is to help as many women as possible on this very important topic.

Get the Better Sex Blueprint Kit for only