What can you really expect during perimenopause?


And most importantly, how can you minimize the discomfort and health risks associated with menopause?

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This book will help you maintain your health, achieve hope and harmony, and

Get Back in Balance


Here’s some of what’s in this book that will help you get back in balance and take charge of your change:

  • Valuable insights into how your life’s about to change
  • Important information about perimenopause and the 3 types of menopause
  • The 3 untrue myths that confuse and frighten most women
  • “Secret strategies” to help you get through some of the toughest symptoms faster and easier than ever before
  • Overview of a System that helps you take care of the SUM of you
If you wanted to, you could actually take action on just a few of the ideas from this book and have a better experience beginning in just a few weeks. I’m going to share with you some of the strategies, tools and checklists from my 5-Step Menopause Breakthrough System that I typically reserve for my coaching clients who work one-on-one with me for help with their midlife changes and challenges.

The information in this book will help you take care of the SUM of you and not just SOME of you™.

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