Working Through Menopause is the Ultimate Guide To Discovering What Every Business Needs to Know!

Find out how to make your business menopause friendly, achieve business gender equality, and improve retention, revenue and employee satisfaction.

Drs. Sharon and Mache Seibel have hit a home run with their new book! It is an eye-opener that provides remarkable insight and focus on the challenges millions of menopausal women face at work and its impact on their sense of well-being, performance and attendance.

This highly readable book is a provocative wake-up call for employers to open a dialogue with women and provides a roadmap for actionable changes.

- Karen Giblin, President
Red Hot Mamas North America, Inc.

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In Working Through Menopause, Dr. Mache Seibel, international health expert and leading authority on women’s wellness and menopause, and his wife, Dr. Sharon Seibel, Harvard trained psychiatrist and Associate Editor of The Hot Years magazine, shine a light on menopause as a work-related health issue and not just a woman’s issue, and highlight the impact of menopause symptoms on women, businesses and the bottom line. They illuminate what can and should be done to make the workplace a better, more productive menopause experience for the women in the workforce who are in perimenopause and menopause, and the businesses that employ them. This critically acclaimed book clears the confusion and provides easy to understand facts and tips like:

  • Women in the workforce in perimenopause and menopause make up nearly one fourth of the workforce 
  • Less than one percent of businesses have a menopause policy in place
  • How addressing the pre-menopause symptoms and menopause symptoms would lead to business gender equality
  • How addressing women’s workplace health would lead to greater employee retention and improve company’s bottom line
  • What the legal risks are for not addressing menopause symptoms
  • Essential information about creating a menopause policy
  • Why women don’t reveal their menopause experience at work
  • More women are working later in life and should not be viewed as aging employees


Dr. Machelle (Mache) Seibel is a global leader in women’s wellness and menopause. He is a 25 year member of the Harvard Medical School Faculty and Editor of The Hot Years Magazine, Creator of Menopause Breakthrough System and recipient of multiple awards including the Best Doctors in America and the Media Award from the North American Menopause Society. Dr. Mache has been featured in People magazine, Discover magazine, Today, MSNBC, hosted PBS specials and appeared on many other media outlets. He is also a frequent keynote speaker for numerous organizations, businesses, and conferences. 

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Dr. Sharon Seibel is a Harvard trained psychiatrist with 35 years of women’s health experience. She is Associate Editor of and was co-founder of the Faulkner Centre for Reproductive Medicine Ethics Advisory Board, one of the first reproductive ethics advisory boards in the country. Dr. Mache and Dr. Sharon live in Boston, Massachusetts.


This book is essential for women and the workplace to read. It explores a life-impacting topic in an easy-to-understand format filled with helpful strategies. Businesses listen up! ‘Working Through Menopause’ will make a meaningful difference in your business and the lives of your employees. 

New York Times Bestselling Author

‘Working Through Menopause’ is an outstanding guide for women and employers about what they should be doing to help women thrive through menopause, and maintain optimal performance at work. It is a very valuable and needed resource.

Clinical Professor Ob/Gyn, Yale School of Medicine

Menopause is one lifecycle event in a woman’s life that doesn’t get any anticipatory guidance. Until now. ‘Working Through Menopause’ fills an important void for women, their employers and for those that care about both good health and financial productivity.

Executive Director,

When talent recruitment and retention matter as much as it does today, ‘Working Through Menopause’ offers valuable insights important to your people and business. This is powerful content that makes a huge difference in ensuring your female staff is at their best – for their sake and yours. Every smart business leader needs to know and use what is in this book!

CEO-Optimize International, Hall of Fame Executive Coach